Class DBSourceCreation

  extended by
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DBSourceCreation
extends AbstractDataSourceCreation
implements DataSourceCreation

Constructor Summary
DBSourceCreation(java.lang.String driverName, DBSource source, DriverMetadata dmd)
          Builds a new DBSourceCreation
Method Summary
 void create()
          Creates the source
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Constructor Detail


public DBSourceCreation(java.lang.String driverName,
                        DBSource source,
                        DriverMetadata dmd)
Builds a new DBSourceCreation

driverName - Name of the driver to be used to create the source
source - information about the table to be created
dmd - Information about the schema of the new source. If the driver is a spatial one, this parameter must be a SpatialDriverMetadata implementation
Method Detail


public void create()
            throws DriverException
Description copied from interface: DataSourceCreation
Creates the source

Specified by:
create in interface DataSourceCreation
DriverException - if the source creation fails

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